Evolv Addict Climbing Shoe

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Evolv Addict Climbing Shoe
  • Evolv Addict Climbing Shoe
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    Split leather upper / Unlined with synthetic heel padding
    Leather-upper and footbed provides custom fit and comfort
    Asymmetrical toe profile and low toe volume makes for a semi-flexed fit
    Elastic for convenience
    4-piece rand for optimal fit
    Arch band gives shoe torsional stability for edging
    A slipper built for all climbers and for all terrain; the local gyms. Joshua Tree slabs and Indian Creek cracks. Its asymmetrical shape and low toe-profile accommodates all abilities. Beginner/intermediate climbers will fit these with a more relaxed toe curl. Advanced climbers may down size a bit for increased toe power.TRAX Rubber
    TRAX XT high friction rubber is formulated to be the highest performing rubber on the market. TRAX XThas a perfect balance of high friction and edging power on different types of rock and plastic holds while performing consistently over a wide range of temperatures. evolv continually works towards being environmentally conscientious and sustainable. We realize that due to the nature of manufacturing we can never be fully green. but we strive to do our best to minimize harm to the environment. With this goal in mind. evolv and TRAX Rubber have developed eco-TRAX. a recycled content high friction rubber compound and started using it on products beginning Fall 2008. making evolv the first climbing shoe company to use a more environmentally friendly rubber on climbing shoes. The technology comes from decomposing selective pre & post consumer rubber waste and then reprocessing it to make a useable compound. Currently. 30% of the eco-TRAX compound used on select parts of outsoles is recycled material. however we plan to use a higher recycled percent compound on other applications that don't require maximum friction. VTR3D
    With VTR3D. the high wear zone of the rand is thicker. while low wear areas are kept thin to reduce pressure points and hot spots around your foot. Evolv Addict Climbing Shoe
  • Evolv Addict Climbing Shoe
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